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A Few Things to Know About the Pow Wows

By origin, the Pow Wow was actually a gathering of medicine men and those spiritual leaders too. It was in the 1800s, when the non-Indian people began to gather and used this term for the gathering of such Native American people. They then accepted Pow Wow as a term.

No one knew the precise date that the Pow Wows started. It is thought that such actually started with the Omaha tribe about 400 years ago. It was the time when the warriors, celebrated their good journey and did that war dance in order to remember their pride of the good medicine and for them to be able to celebrate their family and also their place in the clan. Those Pow Wows are actually based on pride.

With the ban on the Native American dances by the US as well as the Canadian governments, such Pow Wow celebration, being recognized today, has not been recorded. It is believed that this started in the 1800’s in Montana during the fourth of July as it would be difficult for the Bureau of the Indian Affairs to break up this form of celebration on that particular day.

The Pow Wow really started with the Plains Indians and it also spread to the other tribes. This is actually a celebration of the circle of life, that doesn’t have a beginning and end. These were dances on those seasonal changes but since more of the non-native individuals have been involved, the dances have already changed.

The name of that dance arena is the arbor. Also, you will get to find the outside-arbor and the inside-arbor on the Pow Wow. Also, the dance contests and intertribal dancing are there and also there is the exhibition dancing being performed in the arena. Also, know that there are often parades as well as rodeos outside the arena. Know that there are four main styles of their dances and they traditional, grass, fairy and jingle-dress. Those original war dances have definitely changed into general dances. The women started to get involved in the dancing.

There is also a covered area for the contestants and drummers as they wait for their turn. Usually, there are covered areas for the viewers as well and you may find them sitting on the blankets or chairs at the back of participants. There are also those vendors who are selling crafts, arts and food at the back.

When you plan to attend such event, you have to be prepared. There are no modern features such as sound systems and numbers of dancers attached on their regalia. Make sure that you don’t go to the arbor once this has been blessed, and avoid touching the regalia of the dancers and you have to pay attention to the MC as well.

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